Lech – ESI at panel discussion on the Ukrainian war and live in times of crisis

22 April 2022

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to the 14th European media Summit in Lech am Arlberg where he spoke on a panel with Rudolf Anschober (former Austrian Minister of Health) and Lisz Hirn (philosopher) on the Ukrainian war and live in times of crisis.

Gerald pointed out that the conflict in Ukraine was not the only war as, since the 1990s, there have been repeated armed conflicts in Europe, such as in the Balkans, Moldova, and Georgia. He said that the Ukrainian war, which is driving many millions of people to flee and will continue to do so, is already now the largest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. He therefore called for “An airlift 2022 for Ukrainians”, which would be the most generous refugee reception policy worldwide in decades.

It would be about helping people, as well as bolster the authority and credibility of the West as a community of values. It would be a humane response to inhumane cynicism.