Berlin – ESI speaking at TV debate on The Gambia Plan

27 October 2023
Video: ALEX Berlin

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to participate in a debate on “The Gambia-Germany Plan - A dilemma for regular migration”, organised by the local TV station ALEX Berlin.

Gerald explained ESI’s The Gambia Plan, which suggests establishing a legal and safe pathway for African migrants through a system of humanitarian visas, focusing initially on The Gambia. This approach aims to reduce illegal migration and human trafficking while promoting legal, controlled, and safe migration channels.

He added that German courts have determined that individuals from The Gambia can no longer be automatically considered refugees since democratic rule was reestablished in 2017.  

Gerald also highlighted the challenges faced by the 15,000 Gambians in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, underscoring the difficulties in mass deportation and the impracticality of such measures. He emphasised the perilous nature of the current situation, where numerous Gambians live in uncertainty, facing potential deportation and lacking integration opportunities. Furthermore, he noted the negative effects of EU-visa sanctions on Gambian nationals. In fact, The Gambia is the only African country under such sanctions.

Gerald argued that proactive measures from the Gambian government are crucial for advancing the Gambia Plan. He acknowledged The Gambia’s readiness to repatriate its citizens who are ineligible for asylum as a positive step towards initiating the plan. He stressed the need for Baden-Württemberg and the German government to enhance integration prospects and establish legal migration channels for Gambian nationals.

The other discussant was Musa Camara, Director for Diaspora and Migration at the Gambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who participated virtually. The panel was moderated by Nyima Jadama.

Photo: Alex TV
Photo: Alex TV