The Hague – ESI at Strategy discussion on migration diplomacy

20 June 2023
Photo: ESI
Gerald Knaus with Monika Sie Dhian Ho, General Director of Clingendael Institute. Photo: ESI

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to take part in a strategy group discussion on migration at the Clingendael Institute.

Gerald argued for a new push for humane borders in 2023 by putting an end to the deaths at sea occurring en route to the EU, alongside the activities of smugglers who prey on desperate migrants. He strongly criticised the lawlessness at the EU’s external borders, especially the notorious practice of pushbacks.

He argued that there is a strong need to negotiate migration partnerships with countries such as Turkey and Tunisia. The aim would be to ensure safe and swift return of migrants who are not in need of protection, thereby transforming these nations into pillars of a new, humane migration strategy. Alongside, Gerald called for the establishment of more legal pathways for migration to the EU, thus enabling a more controlled, humane, and legally sound approach to migration.

The strategy group included members from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Dutch Representation to the EU.