Vienna – ESI at “Vienna City Talk” on how to get to a humane asylum and migration policy

31 March 2021

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited by the public debate format “Wiener Stadtgespräch” to present his recently published book “Welche Grenzen brauchen wir?” on the future of European and global asylum and migration policy.

Gerald presented facts on migration and his ideas on the current debate regarding irregular migration, especially from Africa. He also referred to the situation at the EU’s borders, pushbacks, refugee resettlement and the need for humane solutions. Gerald stated that "the sooner we leave behind metaphors from hydraulics in our thinking about borders and migration, the sooner we will find our way to a solution-oriented debate. The distinction between regular and irregular migration, and between humane and inhumane borders, is central to this."

The event was introduced by Johannes Peyrl (expert on migration law from the Vienna Chamber of Labour) and was moderated by Peter Huemer.