Media reactions



WDR 5 Morgenecho
("Five years of the EU-Turkey Agreement")
Radio interview with Gerald Knaus
18 March 2021
Kleine Zeitung
("Interview with migration researcher Knaus - "Camps like Moria simply must not exist in the EU"")
18 March 2021
Nezavisne Novine
("Bosnia and Western Balkans back on the EU agenda")
18 March 2021
("Refugee deal could be revived")
17 March 2021
Süddeutsche Zeitung
("Five years of the EU-Turkey Agreement - A deal benefitting both sides")
17 March 2021
Mannheimer Morgen
("We want and need to get actively involved there!")
17 March 2021
Die Zeit
("Azerbaijan Connection - It always has to be caviar")
17 March 2021
Berliner Zeitung
("Merkel advisor Knaus: Resettle refugees directly to Germany")
Interview with Gerald Knaus
17 March 2021
("We need sponsorships")
Interview with Gerald Knaus
17 March 2021
("Migration expert Knaus on wrong asylum figures")
Radio interview with Gerald Knaus
17 March 2021
Saarbrücker Zeitung
("The refugee deal with Turkey is only seemingly dead")
16 March 2021
Westdeutsche Zeitung
("Refugee expert Gerald Knaus: Germany is too passive when it comes to refugees")
Interview with Gerald Knaus
16 March 2021
Anadolu Ajansı
("ESI chairman Knaus: We need to urgently revive the EU-Turkey Migrant Agreement")
16 March 2021
Tygodnik Powszechny
("Brotherly help from Beijing")
15 March 2021
Il Piccolo
("The Ljubljana strategy for the Balkans in the EU: a two-phase entry like Austria in 1994")
14 March 2021
(""Blood on their hands" - The Conservative Azerbaijan connection")
13 March 2021
("Interview with Gerald Knaus. Azerbaijan and the Union -30 million euros for "caviar diplomacy")
12 March 2021
Balcan i Caucaso
("Dayton, the 'men's' peace agreements")
11 March 2021
("Pitfalls of Europe à la carte in the Balkans")
11 March 2021
(""Cerimagic: EU must not give up on long-term perspective of full membership for all Western Balkan countries, including BiH and Kosovo”)")
10 March 2021
Die Welt
("Denmark's dream of zero asylum seekers")
6 March 2021
Diario Armenia
("Germany lifted the parliamentary immunity of an MP accused of receiving bribes from Azerbaijan.")
5 March 2021
("We are selling our soul")
1 March 2021


Il Post
("The Western Balkans are looking east rather than west on vaccines")
11 February 2021
De Standaard
("Have the gatekeepers of Fortress Europe become too powerful?")
6 February 2021
("Financial Times: Balkan countries are turning to Russian and Chinese vaccines")
2 February 2021
("Migration policy: Sociologist Gerald Knaus on human rights in Europe")
Interview with Gerald Knaus
1 February 2021


Deutsche Welle
31 January 2021
Der Spiegel
("European Union: Five proposals for a better migration policy")
29 January 2021
WDR 5 Morgenecho
("EU refugee policy: Ideas for solutions in sight?")
Radio interview with Gerald Knaus
28 January 2021
Der Standard
("When migrants live in rubbish dumps")
Op-ed by Gerald Knaus
27 January 2021
("At the border - Europe's refugee policy")
Audio debate with Gerald Knaus
26 January 2021
SWR Aktuell
("Less refugees but more illegal transports - why is this?")
Radio interview with Gerald Knaus
25 January 2021
("Refoulement, harassment, huge parties... Frontex under fire from critics")
23 January 2021
NDR Panorama
("Refugees on Lesbos: deliberate misery")
TV interview with Gerald Knaus
21 January 2021
Channel 5 TV
("Knaus: 80 percent of the conditions for EU accession are already met")
TV interview with Gerald Knaus
18 January 2021
("Suffering on Lesbos: A deliberate catastrophe?")
TV interview with Gerald Knaus
18 January 2021
("How refugees are turned into a security risk")
17 January 2021
Periodistas en español
("Former Italian MP Luca Volontè sentenced for bribery of Azerbaijan")
14 January 2021
The Caucasian Knot
("PACE member convicted for bribe from Azerbaijani officials")
12 January 2021