Munich – ESI lecture on migration for administrative management course of the Bavarian State Government

30 November 2023

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to give an online presentation on migration and asylum policy for the Bavarian State Chancellery’s internal training programme. 

In his presentation, Gerald focused on the current policies and attitudes of EU member states towards migration, highlighting the use of pushbacks and how they lead to inhumane solutions. He also criticised the recent EU-Tunisia deal and how it is not a solution to the problem to reduce migration nor protect migrants. Therefore, Gerald argued for humane policies, presenting ESI’s most recent proposal on safe third countries and how this can stop deaths and reduce irregular migration in a humane way.

In addition, Gerald argued that a paradigm shift is needed in Germany’s migration policy. Due to increasing numbers of asylum applications and irregular Mediterranean crossings, action must be taken. Key measures include supporting Ukraine, enhancing European solidarity with Ukrainian refugees, and disincentivizing irregular migration to the EU. To achieve this, EU member states need a renewed cooperation with Turkey, strategic deportations after cutoff dates, serious offers of legal mobility, and asylum procedures in safe third countries.