Vienna – ESI at meeting on migration at the Danish embassy

9 November 2023
Photo: ESI

ESI’s Gerald Knaus and Kristof Bender were invited to discuss humane migration control at a meeting at the Danish embassy.

Both Gerald and Kristof spoke about the current European migration debate and how to create better migration agreements, presenting ESI’s proposals for safe third countries and humane borders.

They argued that the goal for EU countries should be a triad of fast and fair asylum procedures, strategic deportations, and generous assistance for countries of first asylum. Asylum procedures should be conducted in a manner that demonstrates to other countries the feasibility of granting asylum, while also aiding countries around the world in establishing their own asylum systems.

Such an approach would deter individuals who do not require protection from irregularly entering the country, by facilitating repatriation from key dates and offering legal mobility options. Expanding resettlement programmes is essential to lessen dependence on smugglers. Additionally, in line with the United Nations Global Compact for Refugees 2018, there should be an expansion of assistance for refugees in their first countries of refuge.

The meeting was organised by Ambassador Christian Grønbech-Jensen who invited representatives of several EU member states.