Zurich – ESI at panel on Ukrainian Refugees

31 May 2022
Photo: ESI / Gerald Knaus

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to participated on the Tages-Anzeiger Panel, "Refugees from Ukraine – can we manage?" organised by the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger.

Gerald spoke about the current Ukrainian refugee crisis and how it is affecting the EU’s neighbouring countries. He advocated for ESI’s proposal for an airlift for Ukrainian refugees.

He also stressed that in the face of the current war and crisis, Switzerland could not remain neutral, and outlined what drives Putin in the current war and how he has tried to use the migration crisis in his favour.

Gerald debated with Elena Chepurenko (Ukrainian refugee), Anja Klug (Head of the UNHCR Office for Switzerland and Liechtenstein) and Alfred Heer (Swiss Politian of the Swiss People’s Party and Member of the National Council of Switzerland). The panel was moderated by Sandro Benini (Editor at the Tages-Anzeiger).