Eltville – ESI presentation on strategies for a humane migration and refugee policy

17 January 2024
Gerald at discussion
Photo: ESI

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to give a presentation on “Strategies for a humane migration and refugee policy” organised by the Philipp Kraft Foundation in Eltville near Frankfurt. The foundation promotes informal, democratic interaction between people from different social groups in the Rheingau region.

Gerald described the pitfalls of the European migration debate and called for a paradigm shift to change the status quo of violent pushbacks and failed migration agreements. He used facts and concrete numbers to show how to reduce deaths in the Mediterranean and the English Channel, aiming for a target of zero fatalities. He argued for concluding agreements with safe third countries which would enable quicker processing of asylum requests, ensuring protection for those in need, support orderly migration, and help break up the networks of human traffickers.

The presentation was followed by a debate with Rolf Lang (Chairman of the Philipp Kraft Foundation), Vatan Akyüz (Deputy Chairman of the Philipp Kraft Foundation) and Gaby Roncarati (CEO of the Phillip Kraft Foundation). It was moderated by Ulrich Bachmann (Board member of the Philipp Kraft Foundation).