Berlin – ESI on “refugee futures” at the international literature festival berlin

15 September 2023
Photo: internationales literaturfestival berlin
Photo: internationales literaturfestival Berlin

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to participate in a panel debate at the Berlin International Literature Festival on “Refugee Futures – Political Challenges and Chances”. 

In his presentation, Gerald highlighted the grim realities for refugees worldwide, fleeing catastrophes, oppression, war, and violence. Gerald pointed out the lack of legal pathways to Europe, which forces many to undertake perilous journeys, often resulting in tragic deaths in the Mediterranean Sea and exploitation by smugglers.

He criticised the prevalent reliance of governments on deterrence and pushbacks, leading to the creation of inhumane borders.

Gerald debated with Mark Isaacs, a British reporter on refugee rights, and Homeira Qaderi, an Afghan women’s rights activist and writer. The panel was moderated by Franziska Grillmeier.