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Turkish Summer
Silent protest – Young Turks reading on Taksim square. Photo: Twitter/Zeynep Erdim
Silent protest on Taksim square
Les Miserables – Victor Hugo
Knaus: Turkey, EU to develop more trust through plans for visa-free regime
PREVIEW: Facing crimes of state – The president and his generals. Video: Geyrhalter Film. All rights reserved
PREVIEW: Turning point 2009 – Looking across the river Prut. Video: Geyrhalter Film. All rights reserved
10 years of ESI: The ESI story
10 years of ESI:
Seit wir ESI 1999 in einem Cafe in Sarajevo gegründet haben, haben wir 88 Berichte über Südosteuropa und zur EU-Erweiterungspolitik verfasst. Lesen Sie hier, womit sich ESI derzeit befasst und über andere ESI Aktivitäten. Lesen Sie auch die analytischen ESI Bilderzählungen und die ESI Geschichte.
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Latest media reaction: The New York Review of Books, Michael Ignatieff, "The Refugees & the New War" (17 December 2015)
With the support of ERSTE Stiftung, ESI is travelling through South Eastern Europe in search of analytical stories of change. More…
The literary walk is a journey through South East Europe with texts and books that we recommend to anybody interested in the region. More…
Here we present life stories from cities and villages across South Eastern Europe. More…
Evgeni Dainov, Sofia