30 September 2020

Kristof Bender discussed with Marton Gergely the current media situation in Hungary.

30 September 2020

Gerald Knaus discussed forced state migration as a means of peace solutions. 

25 September 2020

Gerald Knaus discussed the tense relations between Greece and Turkey and the effects on migration. 

24 September 2020

Adnan Cerimagic moderated an online debate on Covid-19 in the Western Balkans. 

22 September 2020

Adnan Cerimagic attended an online advisory meeting at the International Institute for Peace. 

21 September 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed a future Swedish Strategy for the Western Balkans. 

21 September 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed the Western Balkans 2030 Initiative with young researchers from the region. 

15 September 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed accession negotiations with Albanian civil society representatives. 

8 September 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed at a virtual conference the new EU approach towards the Western Balkans. 

4 September 2020

Gerald Knaus discussed the plight of refugees with the need to control borders. 

2 September 2020

Gerald Knaus discussed open and closed border policies and the crisis in the Moria refugee camp with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Klaus Schwertner. 


29 August 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed Bosnia and Herzegovina and European Integration at a youth conference. 

27 August 2020

Gerald Knaus discussed ESI’s work on asylum and migration policy at Club Alpbach Vorarlberg. 

10 August 2020

Gerald Knaus discussed the status of the EU-Turkey deal at online lecture with students from the University of Groningen. 


21 July 2020

Adnan Cerimagic moderated a virtual discussion on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. 

17 July 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed ESI's research and proposals on the Western Balkans with the RYO. 

15 July 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed ESI's ideas and proposals on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. 

2 July 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed ESI's ideas with the EU ambassador and Special Representative in Bosnia. 


29 June 2020

Adnan Cerimagic discussed the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and ESI's ideas with Miroslav Lajčák. 

23 June 2020

Gerald Knaus discussed the situation of refugees on the Greek islands with Jean Ziegler.