ESI is a non-profit research and policy institute, created in recognition of the need for independent, in-depth analysis of the complex issues involved in promoting stability and prosperity in Europe. ESI was founded in June 1999 by a multi-national group of practitioners and analysts with extensive experience in the regions it studied.

ESI's experienced and multidisciplinary team is committed to provide policy makers with relevant strategic analysis.

In almost ten years of operation, ESI has had a substantial impact on international policy towards South Eastern Europe. Its advice was sought regularly by a range of policy makers across the region.

In order to promote discussion and debate among the policy community all ESI publications are widely distributed and available on its website free of charge. ESI's efforts depend on the contributions of governments, corporations and private individuals to fund its activities.

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Ivan Krastev (Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia) on Balkan myths and ESI at the "Talking Balkans" Symposium in Vienna 3-4 April 2008 © 2008 ERSTE Foundation/Igor Bararon. All rights reserved.

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