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Pristina Hamam - Besa/Verena

Pristina - City without a past

March 2006

In March 2006, ESI and IKS organized a panel discussion called 'A Future for Pristina's Past' at the Kosovo Museum in Pristina. Surrounded by Neolithic statuettes and archaeological artefacts, Verena and Besa Shahini, Director of IKS, described the problems of protecting Kosovo's cultural heritage. They noted:

"In the town of Pristina, there are 21 protected cultural monuments. For a European capital this is a very short list; but if one takes a closer look at the list of 21 'protected cultural monuments' in Pristina town, the picture gets even worse: one building under protection has been destroyed to make room for an office building of PTK. Two archaeological sites are covered up and cannot be visited. The Orthodox Iconostasis and the Islamic Collection of Manuscripts have been burned."

IKS and ESI produced the first detailed map of all protected monuments in Pristina to raise public awareness on an issue that is critical to the province's troubled ethnic relations. Recommendations were offered to UNMIK and the Kosovo authorities.

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