Return To The Villages
Returning to subsistence farming is the best option for some residents...

Return To The Villages

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After the collapse of the "Bratstvo" conglomerate many residents of Novi Travnik have returned to their home villages.

LOCATION: Šenkovici Village, near Novi Travnik:

*Fuad Haskic

My name is Fuad Haskic. I was born here in 1958. I now live back here in Šenkovici. Before the war I lived in Novi Travnik. I live here for economic reasons. It's impossible to put 3 children through school (in the city) if you don't have regular wages. We have a house, two cows, fruit and vegetables, potatoes; all we need for life.

The families who live in the village get their supplies here (in the shop). I know how people live here and the state of things. It is very hard. People have no means of income. Money is hard to come by. There's no work, no economy. There is only a narrow space for the development of farming. People survive as they can.

LOCATION: Forestry near Šenkovici

Piece to Camera: *Eggert Hardten

This is a small place where a private guy has brought down the logs. Come here to look at the wood; you see the class. This is wood you that would need as so-called technical wood. You are cutting as a piece and building houses with it and so on. Technical wood goes for 75 KM per cubic metre when you want to buy it from the forestry organisation.

Whereas the other class which you can see over here, is for heating. This you cannot cut any more into anything technical. And so you just have to chop it into small pieces.

This wood is now one part. The private guy has made on an auction; he received the possibility to cut it down, and he will sell this.

But of course in the night people come and drag out more and more wood because they need to heat. With 20 KM you are saving and for 30 KM and with the services. People are surviving here in this area because they have no other possibility, with no job. And down in the town everybody has to buy the wood, and this is the way they survive; no other chance.



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