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Pristina List of Monuments

In the town of Pristina there are 21 protected cultural monuments.

For a European capital this is a very short list; but if one takes a closer look at the list of 21 'protected cultural monuments' in Pristina town, the picture gets even worse: one building under protection has been destroyed to make room for an office building of PTK (UCK St. 66). Two archeological sites are covered up and cannot be visited. The Orthodox Iconostasis and the Islamic Collection of Manuscripts have been burned.

In the last months, ESI and IKS tried to locate all 21 protected cultural monuments in Pristina town and assess their condition. This was not easy. There are different lists used by the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments and the Pristina Institute, the two main institutions responsible for protecting cultural heritage. Addresses on the lists no longer correspond with street names. Several monuments have disappeared altogether.

  1. Sultan Mehmet al-Fatih Mosque
  2. Pirinaz Mosque
  3. Bazaar Mosque
  4. Jashar Pasha Mosque
  5. St. Nicolas Iconostasis
  6. Archbishopric Houses
  7. Clock Tower
  8. Fountain
  9. Jewish Cemetary
  10. Foundations of the Old Hamam
  11. Great Hamam
  12. 'Tjerrtorja' Archeological Site
  13. Kosovo Museum
  14. Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments
  15. Private residence/ UCK St.
  16. Emin Gjik Museum
  17. Hynyler House
  18. Private residence/Tanasko Raisic St.
  19. 'Hivzi Sylejmani' City Library/UCK St.
  20. Private residence/M. Popovic St.
  21. Collection of Manuscripts of the Islamic Community

Starting in 2000 there have been many calls by international and Kosovar experts to put together a new inventory of Kosovo's cultural heritage. Substantial funds have been spent on identifying close to 3,000 monuments and sites, developing a database and training staff in the responsible institutions. Preparing an inventory of heritage sites was also one of the standards to be met.

However, until today there is no published inventory. No institution appears to be following up what is actually happening to the monuments that are legally protected. While looking for 76 buildings listed on Pristina's post-war inventory, IKS analysts found that 19 had disappeared since 2001.

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