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A Century of Feminism in Turkey - June 2007

A Century of Feminism in Turkey

The women's movement in Turkey has its roots in the 19th century Ottoman society when educated urban women started to discuss and write about women's rights. At the time Islamic law was the source of family law. Women and their status in society were central to the reform agenda of the Turkish Republic which emerged in 1923. At the same time, tensions arose between republican leaders and women activists. It took more than 40 years before a new grass roots women's movement emerged again in Turkey. Led by academics and writers, the new movement of the 1980s was inspired by the experience of feminism in other countries.

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A Century of Feminism in Turkey

  1. Sharia and Ottoman Family Law
  2. The Ottoman Women's Movement
  3. An Ottoman Feminist
  4. Ataturk on Women
  5. Ataturk's Daughter
  6. A Disillusioned Revolutionary
  7. A Republican Rebel
  8. A Liberal Feminist
  9. 'The woman has no name'
  10. A Religious Feminist
  11. Feminism in Diyarbakir
  12. A CHP Parliamentarian
  13. A Radical Feminist
  14. Women for Women's Human Rights
  15. "Being a woman"
  16. A Kemalist Feminist

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