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Chronicle of a death foretold (ESI documentary)

Mitrovica - Chronicle of a death foretold
Mitrovica - Chronik eines angekündigten Todes

This documentary was produced with the financial support of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lessons Learned Unit of the EU Pillar of UNMIK. It shows social and economic developments in the divided town of Mitrovica and was produced by Chris Langdon as director in 2004. Transcripts of all chapters are also available. ESI published a "Proposal for Mitrovica". It advocates: full return of property and people, an economic development strategy, and a change in municipal boundaries. Meanwhile, the economic situation continues to worsen.

Story of Mitrovica behind the headlines

The footballers' story

The Trepca story

Life in North Mitrovica

Life in South Mitrovica

Mitrovica past and future

February 2007

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