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Global Political Trends Centre (GPoT) was established as a research unit under the auspices of Istanbul Kultur University in 2008. GPoT Centre has been involved in several initiatives including the Forum for the Future, projects that monitor the recent developments in Cyprus, discussions of Turkish-Armenian relations, track two diplomacy between Israel and Syria, and the Turkish-Arab Dialogue.

One of the Centre's research projects is "Mutual Bias and Objectivity in the Media of Armenia and Turkey" (in partnership with EPF). The research will be conducted within the framework of the "Reducing Media Bias in Armenia and Turkey" programme supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The study will help increase awareness among media-related stakeholders of the major trends in mass-media reporting in Armenia and Turkey.


Events within the framework of the project:

13/14 October 2009, Bursa:

In the wake of the football match between Turkey and Armenia in Bursa, Turkish and Armenian journalists discussed the role of media bias in the normalization process and ways in which the media can add to the ongoing momentum. (For 6 months prior to this meeting, research teams had been conducting focus group interviews in Kars, Kayseri and Istanbul in Turkey, in parallel to similar interviews in Armenia conducted by the EFP research team.)


The second meeting took place between 17 and 21 December 2009 in Yerevan. The discussions, which brought together experts and journalists from Turkey and Armenia, focused on the role of the Karabakh conflict in Turkish-Armenian relations, the ratification process of the protocols, and the impact of the normalization process on the Caucasus region.

The ten Turkish journalists invited to Armenia for the 4-day event met with Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, Secretary General of the Presidency Vigen Sarkisian, Republican Party (the largest coalition partner) MP Artak Zakarian and (opposition) Heritage Party MP Stephan Safarian.

Between 24 and 28 March 2010 GPoT and the Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Armenia (EPF) organized "Days Two and Three in Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement" in Yerevan, a workshop with the participation of Turkish and Armenian stakeholders, experts and journalists.


On 15 February 2010 GPoT held an event on "The State of Armenian Irregular Migrants in Turkey".

The Centre also published Turk - Ermeni Iliskilerinin Gelecegi ve Nabucco ("The Future of Turkish Armenian relations and Nabucco"), by Yalim Eralp (April 2009)


Mensur Akgun is the Director of GPoT and chair of the International Relations department at Istanbul Kultur University. Many of his publications are in the field of international relations and Turkish foreign policy.



Sylvia Tiryaki is the Deputy Director.




Can Yirik is the Junior Research Fellow at GPoT. Can has been involved in the Turkey-Armenia projects.



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