25 January 2013
Kyiv – Public screening of ESI Moldova documentary: Moldova lost in Transition
Moldova – Lost in Transition
Moldova – Lost in Transition

ERSTE Stiftung, the Institute of World Policy, and ESI organised a joint film screening and panel discussion on "Moldova – Return to Europe?" at the Institute of World Policy in Kyev.

This documentary film by Gerald Knaus and Fritz Ofner is part of the Return to Europe film series www.returntoeurope.org initiated and supported by ERSTE Stiftung. This is the story of a post-soviet country struggling to overcome the steepest economic decline any society ever experienced in peacetime. We meet musicians and activists, communists and secessionist, Europhiles, young urbanites and desperate pensioners, in a society caught between the EU in the West and an increasingly authoritarian East. As Moldova develops a clearer sense of where it wants to go as a country it deserves to be taken into account elsewhere in Europe, now more than ever.

Film screening Return to Europe Series: Moldova – Lost in Transition

Debate "Why Moldova matters"

Gerald Knaus, ESI chairman and filmmaker
Ion Stavila, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Ukraine
Leonid Litra, IWP senior policy fellow, moderator

At the event, ESI's Gerald Knaus also raised the issue of visa liberalisation for Moldova. See also previous ESI events on Moldova in London and Berlin.


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