The Authoritarian Temptation  Bosnia 2004

Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to fall behind the rest of South Eastern Europe. To catch up, the most basic premises of politics need to change. There is a need for a frank discussion of what is really happening to the Bosnian economy. There is a need for reliable information starting with a census - on what is going on from the village level to the macro-economy. Interest groups need to be convinced that it is worth their while to assert their concerns through the political system.

Most importantly, Bosnian society and in particular the Bosnian political and intellectual elites - need to discard the authoritarian temptation that is such an enduring legacy of Bosnian political culture.

Governance and Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Post-industrial society and the authoritarian temptation

This report was part of a Governance Assessment of Bosnia and Herzegovina, funded by the United Kingdom's Department for International Development. more…

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