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Chris Alex - David - Minna - Dieter - Felix

Sarajevo Generation

Most of the people involved in ESI had spent years working in post-war Bosnia.

Chris Bennett, a British Slovene, was director of ICG in Bosnia and author of Yugoslavia's Bloody Collapse. David Steward Howitt, a Scott, had worked in Bosnia for the European Commission and OHR. Minna Jarvenpaa, a Finn, had worked in OHR since 1996. Gerald Knaus, an Austrian, had worked for ICG and the OHR in Bosnia and was also advisor to the International Mediator, Christian Schwarz-Schilling. Felix Martin, an Englishman, worked in Bosnia for the World Bank. Sandy Coliver, an American, had worked for the OSCE and ICG in Bosnia. Marcus Cox, an Australian, had worked on Bosnian property legislation in the OHR. Erik Pierre, ESI's senior board member, had been Swedish ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina during and right after the war. Alex Stiglmayer, a German, had been a journalist before running the OHR press department. Dieter Wolkewitz, a German, had worked for the OSCE in Bosnia and as advisor to Christian Schwarz-Schilling. Paul Hockenos, an American, had worked in Bosnia for the OSCE. Gil Baldwin, another Briton, had worked for OHR's Military Liaison Cell. Gianni La Ferrara, an Italian who worked in OHR, later became a Bosnian citizen.

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