The ESI BRIDGES project is addressed to the busy policy maker, who wants to know the deeper background to Balkan developments, and to the academic, who wants to have easy access to key (current) policy documents.

BRIDGES DOCUMENTS brings together original documents for scholars, academics and policy makers on key issues.

The first collection is the most comprehensive web-based collection of current strategy papers and background material on Kosovo's economic development (all in all more than 400 documents).

The second collection is of documents that we used as background for some of our recent work on the political economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (all in all more than 200 documents).

BRIDGES RESEARCH highlights the work of academics who regularly undertake policy relevant research on issues of concern to ESI and our readers. It makes excerpts of those books and articles available on our website.

The first book we highlight is by ESI analyst Paul Hockenos. It looks at the role of Balkan diasporas during the wars of the 1990s. The book has just been published by Cornell University Press. The second is an investigation - based on documents seized by KFOR in the Trepca company offices in 2000 - of the recent history of Kosovo's most famous and most important enterprise: Trepca, Kosovo's giant.