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Based on our ongoing research, and the recommendations already made by numerous national and international experts in this field, ESI and IKS recommend the following:

  1. For the Kosovo Assembly to declare its full support to European standards in the area of protection of heritage, and to officially embrace the acquis of the Council of Europe in this field;
  2. For the Kosovo Assembly to hold hearings with all relevant institutions (the Ministry of Culture, the Kosovo Institute, the Pristina Institute, the Kosovo Museum, Pristina Municipality and others) to establish clearly what would need to be done to effectively enforce European standards;
  3. For the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Spatial Planning to hold a high-level seminar in Pristina soon to underline the importance given to this issue across Kosovo, to discuss concrete ways forward to implement a National Integrated Conservation Strategy for Kosovo, and to give strong political backing to all institutions to enforce the laws;
  4. For the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments to complete and publish its existing inventory of protected monuments; to initiate court cases in all instances in which the applicable law on the protection of monuments is violated; and to work closely with the municipality in the field of urban planning to ensure effective protection;
  5. For the UN to lend its full support to Kosovo initiatives in this area, including the passing of a new and modern law on cultural heritage; and to ensure that the KTA and its privatisation strategy is also respectful of Council of Europe standards and the conservation strategies of relevant Kosovo institutions;
  6. For Kosovo civil society to raise the profile of this issue, and explain to the broader public the economic and social significance of effective national heritage conservation;
  7. For the international community to put pressure on Belgrade to return the archives of the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments as a preliminary step to the opening of the status talks on this issue.
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