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Coal and European energy

Euracoal, Coal and Europe, 2004
Coal production in Europe
Production of lignite (red), hard coal (dark grey) and imports (light grey) in Mt

"The EU's power supply system is currently based on a mix of nuclear energy, coal, gas and hydroelectric power. In the enlarged EU coal now accounts for about 32 percent of the total primary energy needs of the electricity suppliers."

Germany is presently by far the largest coal consumer in the EU, with Poland far the second-largest. A recent (2007) study commissioned by Euracoal on The Future Role of Coal in Europe notes that in Europe today coal remains indispensable to power generation:

"Lignite and hard coal cover approximately 1/6 of primary energy consumption in the European Union (EU 25). About 2/3 of consumption are covered by domestic production. In the sector of power generation coal is indispensable." (2007)

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