Germans and Turks - Striking facts - November 2008

Germans and Turks - Striking facts

In recent years a number of studies and surveys have provided a large number of striking facts about Turks in Germany and German-Turkish relations. In this section we provide some of them (plus sources). Did you know that

  • only 16 percent of Germans supported Turkey's EU accession in a 2007 survey but that 65 percent nonetheless expected Turkey to join the EU?
  • 39 percent of young German Turkish women support a "traditional role of women" while the same figure rises to 60 percent among young German Turkish men? [35]
  • 49 percent of Turkish women aged 18-29 are not married? [28]
  • the number of Turkish citizens who acquired German citizenship rose from only 2,034 in 1990 to 100,324 in 1999? [3]
  • 28 percent of kindergarteners in Berlin do not speak German as their mother tongue? [8]
  • German Italians perform worse in school than German Turks? [21]
  • the number of Muslims in Germany who describe themselves as “very religious” rose from 7.6 percent in 2000 to 28.1 percent in 2005? [39]
  • in a 2007 study 29 percent of Germans said it should be forbidden for Muslims to immigrate to Germany? [52]

In this section you will find these and a many more interesting facts, as well as an extended reading list.

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