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Germans and Turks - Striking facts - November 2008

Germans and Turks - Striking facts

In recent years a number of studies and surveys have provided a large number of striking facts about Turks in Germany and German-Turkish relations. In this section we provide some of them (plus sources). Did you know that

In this section you will find these and a many more interesting facts, as well as an extended reading list.

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Germans and Turks - Striking facts

  1. Foreigners and Turks in Germany
  2. Turks and the future of German cities
  3. Turks and the Labour Market
  4. An "educational catastrophe"?
  5. German Turks vs. German Italians
  6. Import brides and asylum seekers
  7. German Turkish women
  8. Mosques in Germany
  9. Muslim faith in Germany
  10. German Muslim attitudes to life
  11. German Islamophobia
  12. Muslims, democracy and terrorism
  13. Honour killings in Germany
  14. Foreigners, Turks and Crime
  15. German Turks and Language skills
  16. Turkish Academics in Germany
  17. The impact of citizenship
  18. German Turks in Politics
  19. Attitudes to Turkish EU membership
  20. German-Turkish economic relations

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