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armenia18GagikMakaryan-250Gagik Makaryan is the Executive Director of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia. His career has taken him from the Yerevan State University department of solid-state physics (1975-1976) to the Yerevan Institute of Physics (1976-1977), the "Transistor" scientific production company (1977-1997), the "Hai Consult" consulting fund (1997-present), and the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia (2007-present). Between 1997 and 2008 Makaryan organised the National Symposium of Productivity and Competitiveness in Armenia.

A physician by profession, Makaryan has received a PhD in electronics.

Makaryan has participated in several discussions and business projects related to the Armenian-Turkish normalisation process and its economic and tourism dimension. E-mail:,,







Republican Union of Employers of Armenia
5 Agatangeghos street, 0010, Yerevan
Tel: + 374 10 524472
Mob: + 374 091 434 372
Fax: +374 10 52 44 72

August 2010

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