Bucharest, Romania. Photo: Alan Grant
Bucharest, Romania. Photo: Alan Grant

Short chronology of EU accession:

1 February 1993

Europe Agreement (an association agreement providing mainly for preferential trade measures) is signed

1 May 1993

Interim Agreement enters into force (providing for the interim application of the trade-related measures of the Association Agreement until ratification by all EU members)

1 February 1995

Association Agreement enters into force (replacing the interim agreement)

22 June 1995

Romania submits membership application

13 December 1997

Candidate status granted (European Council Luxembourg)

15 February 2000

Start of accession negotiations with the European Commission

14 December 2004

Closure of negotiations

13 April 2005

European Parliament gives assent to Accession Treaty

25 April 2005

Signing of Accession Treaty

1 January 2007

EU accession


27 July 2012