Ministry Of Transport And Communications

  1. PTK and Mobtel Overview of Telephone Capacity in Kosovo
  2. SAP Tracking Mechanism for Kosovo, Questionnaire on Telecommunications
    June 2003
  3. SAP Tracking Mechanism for Kosovo, Questionnaire on Transport
    March 2003
  4. Kosovo Ministry of Transport and Communications Civil Aviation (PowerPoint)
    June 2004
  5. Per Shpalljen e Ligjit te miratuar nga Kuvendi I Kosoves mbi Rruget, Rregulore Nr. 2003/24
  6. Mbi Shpalljen e Ligjit per Telekomunikacionet te Miratuar nga Kuvendi I Kosoves, Rregulore Mr 2003/16
  7. Mbt Degen e Ekzekutivit te institucioneve te Perkohshme te Veteqeverisjes ne Kosove, Projektrregulore Nr 2001/19
  8. Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications UNMIK Railways in Kosovo
  9. Department of Railways, Civil Aviation and Maritime Transport Power Point presentation
    June 2004
  10. ITC Policy of Kosova A Framework for Developement, MTC
    February 2003
  11. Department of Road Infrastructure Department of Road Infrastructure welcomes the Stability Pact Delegation (Power Point presentation)
    29 July 2003
  12. An Assessment of Technology Transfer and Information Networking In Kosovo, Final Report, prepared for USAID
    March 2004
  13. SwedeRail Restructuring of Railways in Kosovo, Draft Final Report
    December 2003
  14. Financial Development of UNMIK Railways
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