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Inci Bespinar
Inci Bespinar
"In the 32 districts of Istanbul, I am since 1994 the only female deputy mayor. I am responsible for social projects concerning women, children and employment projects."

Inci Bespinar, born in Istanbul, is the deputy mayor of Kadikoy district, on Istanbul's Anatolian side. She studied in Ankara and later returned to Istanbul. When her children were born there were no Kindergardens or public (and affordable) childcare so she had to stop working. When her children got older, Bespinar started working for the Kadikoy municipality focusing on the improvement of the situation of women.

A formative event for her was the case of a woman who came to her for help some years ago:

"There was a very beautiful woman, Esma, I will never forget this. She had blue eyes and a very light skin. One day she told me that her legs were aching, because she was beaten up so badly that the bones wouldn't grow together again. Some weeks later I had the most painful experience of my professional life. I read in the newspaper on page three: "Woman killed by her husband with an axe'".

Bespinar helped set up the first public shelter in Kadikoy. She also set up training centres for migrant women, where they can obtain basic school education, and qualification for a future profession. For many years Bespinar has worked to improve the situation of women in Kadikoy:

"Which problems do women in Turkey have? First there is a very serious education problem, secondly there is an employment problem and there is the problem that women experience violence by men, be it the husband, father and brother. These all affect basic human rights."
"If there were 10 Kadikoys in Turkey, the country would change more rapidly…"

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October 2008

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