Mitrovica – Chronicle of a death foretold? (ESI film from 2003)

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Mitrovica – Chronicle of a death foretold? © 2003 ESI. All rights reserved.

As part of ESI's detailed investigation into the social and economic crisis affecting Mitrovica, we have produced a 26 minute video documentary.

It looks at how the future of the Mitrovica region, once the industrial heart of Kosovo, is hanging in the balance. Mitrovica is widely known for its separated communities and images of ethnic violence. But behind the headlines of ethnic violence, there is a story of economic collapse.

11,000 people once worked at Mitrovica's major employer, the Trepa mining and metallurgy enterprise. Mitrovica's divided status means that money still comes in from Pristina and Belgrade, and from international organisations. But how long will this last? Other regions of the Balkans deal with ethnic tension. Other towns of the Balkans face industrial decline. Mitrovica faces both.

So can the town survive? Can the people of Mitrovica's various communities rebuild their lives?

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