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5 September 2017
Bled ESI moderating Western Balkans foreign ministers panel on EU enlargement
"Western Balkans: EU enlargement – Is pretending the name of the game?". Video: Bled Strategic Forum

ESI's Gerald Knaus was invited to moderate a panel of Western Balkans foreign ministers and EU and US representatives debating the state of play of EU enlargement in the region.

Issues debated included: Are we facing a situation in which the enlargement policy is not contributing to stability and reconciliation in the region? Could this also be a result of internal EU decision-making processes? Does the EU require an honest debate on how to more proactively tackle the remaining regional open issues so as to prevent their influence on the accession process and to prevent them from possibly hindering the stability in the region? For how long can the current dissatisfaction on both sides continue; or is the new political modus operandi in fact pretending – pretending to follow an open door policy, pretending to reform, pretending to wish to join the EU?


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