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Travnik - Copyright © by Alan Grant Travnik - Copyright © by Alan Grant
View from the fortress - Travnik

Although Travnik once enjoyed a tradition of interethnic coexistence spanning back to medieval times, some of the most horrible massacres during the war of the early 1990s took place here in central Bosnia. But here the return of displaced persons to their homes also started already in 1997, in the face of resistance by nationalists on all sides.

Today, central Bosnia is again one of the most ethnically mixed regions of Bosnia. This is visible everywhere: in the Catholic school in majority-Muslim Travnik, among the Franciscans in Foijnica, in the shadow of the region's colourful mosques, in the marketplaces and in the new shopping centres.

This region, once Tito's fortress and the centre of socialist Yugoslavia's arms industry, is today struggling to develop a new economy as a foundation for a prosperous and stable future.

February 2007

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